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From the Desk of President
Dear Parents ,
I am very pleased to see that the SUBHASH MONTESSORI PUBLIC School is continuing to grow from strength to strength with each passing year, and in the last year, it has added many feathers to its cap. I pray that God continue to shower His choicest blessings on the members of the family and on all their endeavors. With the blessings of the Almighty and as a result of the dedication, commitment, and hard work of staff, the school has been able to successfully progress realizing its goals and vision.
I am very happy that our Class X students performed exceptionally well in the CBSE 2011 examinations. Their remarkable performance of a 100 percent pass result speaks volumes about the excellent quality of education being imparted by the school and of all the hard work put in by our teachers.

I would like to applaud the Director and Principal of the School, Mr. Prashant Wadekar & Mrs. Hina Wadekar. Their indefatigable preserverance and efforts have resulted in the progression of the SUBHASH MONTESSORI School in all areas.

I would like to also express my thanks to all our staff members for their dedication, hard work, discipline, and creative innovation that has helped in taking the school to newer heights. Kudos to the entire team for their praiseworthy efforts! I believe that in the years to come, armed with commitment and preserverance in the pursuit of knowledge and education, the SUBHASH MONTESSORI PUBLIC School will continue to prosper and serve the country for His its glory. I pray that the Almighty God continue to bless the SUBHASH MONTESSORI School as well as all the members of the family.

Last, but not the least, my best wishes to the SUBHASH MONTESSORI PUBLIC School, its staff and students, all the parents, and all those associated with this institution.
Mr. S.C. Bhargava
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