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From the Desk of Principal
Dear Parents ,
On behalf of all faculty, students and parents, allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Subhash Montessori Public School. Most good schools share certain basic aims: to nurture students within a responsible community and to encourage academic success, physical health and moral principles. However, the educational experience at SMPS is unique, it provides an ideal setting in which our students can learn and grow into the responsible citizens who will lead us in the twenty-first century. We believe in the foundation for a child's future learning begins in elementary school, where we offer fun, safe and friendly learning environment, We emphasize the importance of moral values and ethical principles, We prepare student for being a life long learner, we encourage independency and teamwork . To support our efforts, parents can play a very important role. The school's goals are aligned with that of parents - best interest of the child.

The school will remain indebted to the unstinted cooperation between the parent who is the first teacher and the teacher who is the second parent. Such a bond is essential if the school aims to go beyond simply churning out success stories in examination . The child's education is an investment for his/her future. Parents need to demonstrate trust and respect for the school, its staff, and its material. The more positive the school - parent relationship, the more secure a child will feel. The diary is in your hand. Please make maximum use of it. Communicate with the administrative staff for any concerns you have regarding progress. Read the school diary carefully, it will help you understand the policies and procedures of the school. Fill out all the information accurately for it will help us help your child.It will always be my priority that the quality of education maintains the highest standards in our school, and I am sure I can count on your support at all times.

"Success will never lower its standard to accommodate us,

We have to raise our standard to achieve it."
With Warm Regards …….
Shri . B.S. Walde
M.Sc. B.Ed.
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